Rope Escape

Rope Escape 1.20

Swing from the tree tops to collect coins


  • Powerups make gameplay more interesting
  • Challeging, chaotic gameplay
  • A challenging to get as far and high as possible


  • Gameplay gets boring
  • Graphics and soundtrack are uninspired
  • Inaccurate controls at times


Rope Escape is an Android arcade game where you swing from the treetops to collect coins and get as far as possible.

The gameplay of Rope Escape is simple. You are an adventurer looking to get as far away as possible by swinging on tree tops and other objects. Inexplicably, there are huge boulders flying in random directions that you can attach your rope onto that will give you more momentum or take you into space.

There are three objectives in Rope Escape: get as far as possible, get as high as possible, and collect as many coins as possible. You can use the coins you collect to purchase different characters and different types of rope. Of course, you can use real money to buy virtual money in Rope Escape. The game will also nag you to share the game on Facebook to get free coins.

Controls are easy to understand but can be frustrating. You need to tap where you want the rope to attach to, but Rope Escape fails to detect precisely where you tapped, making it a game of luck at times. The rope in Rope Escape shoots more like Spiderman's web than an actual rope and lasso, making the physics and feel of the game very strange. The graphics and soundtrack are all very generic and easily forgettable.

Overall, Rope Escape is a good game to waste some time on but its repetitive gameplay probably won't hold your attention for too long.

Rope Escape


Rope Escape 1.20

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